Program Description

Dialysis or Hemodialysis technicians work together with licensed practical nurses (LPN) and registered nurses (RN) to provide direct care to patients undergoing treatment due to renal failure. Dialysis or hemodialysis technician provides and discontinues dialysis, monitors patient status and vital signs, obtains blood samples, and documents cares provided. They are also responsible for including programming, equipment management,  cleaning and monitoring the hemodialysis machines.

This program teaches students how to work with patients and how to use hemodialysis equipment properly. The program focuses on helping students learn to take vital signs, obtain vascular access, take laboratory blood samples and work comfortable with patients and families.

Our Hemodialysis training class is designed to prepare you to take the National Exam. Dialysis Technicians monitor patients before, during and after dialysis treatment. Students will learn the necessary techniques to take care/assist  patients in a dialysis setting. The curriculum covered will include vascular access, water treatment,machine setup and breakdown, and body mechanics. At NIAH, our Dialysis classes are unique. We have Hemodialysis machines equipped with student training simulators. Also, our program incorporates a specialized vascular access segment.

This program introduces students to basic hemodialysis skills.

The Key Course Components of our Hemodialysis training class at Norcross Institute of Allied Health are:

  • Principles of Dialysis
  • Knowledge of Hemodialysis devices
  • Vascular access
  • Hemodialysis Procedures
  • Hemodialysis Complications
  • Dialyzer Reprocessing
  • Water Treatment