Norcross Institute of Allied Health was started in 2005 to provide the community with a postsecondary learning institution that offers students technical training in the field of healthcare. The faculty, staff, and administrators at NIAH share in the desire of becoming a preeminent institute committed to its  students and the surrounding community. Drawing on our own experience, the resources at our disposal, and the expertise of others, we strive to provide our students with the best possible training in a timely manner, and with the greatest possible attention to  the details that support students’ success and their satisfaction with our institution.

NIAH’s vision is to become a national leader in developing and providing technologically advanced academic and student healthcare services programs and to become a model to other similar institutions by developing collaborative partnerships with various healthcare facilities to deliver public services.

The ultimate goal of Norcross Institute of Allied Health is to assist our students in developing meaningful, rewarding careers in the field of their choice. To accomplish its mission and attain this overarching goal, NIAH has established the following operational goals:

  • To provide affordable training in health care programs that will prepare students to take
    the examination given for national certification in their respective field;
  • To develop effective educational programs that lead to careers in in-demand allied
    health fields.
  • To hire qualified instructors and train them to be effective teachers to facilitate student
    success in pursuit of their educational goals.
  • To increase enrollments in existing programs so that the institution is financially
    successful and capable of helping more prospective students.
  • To instill in the student a recognition of the importance of life-long learning.
  • To promote the understanding and appreciation of ethical and medical professionalism.
  • To ensure that the student will be able to communicate effectively both orally and in
    writing, with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals.
  • To provide administrative and student support services that assure a satisfactory student
    experience while attending the school.
  • To provide career services that assist students in their search for employment in the field
    of study upon graduation as well as while in school.

NIAH provides an ongoing effective educational learning resource center that supports the school’s programs of study and enhances students’ educational and training experience. We have available program resource aids such as:

  • Classroom and online instruction and animation
  • Multimedia technology
  • Computers and internet access
  • Resource laboratories and on-site training
  • Library resource center and research databases
  • Community-based instruction and activities
  • Other similar resources and equipment.

We have a library with a large assortment of additional texts and a wide range of reference books and journals. The library is open to students for quiet study during normal office hours. We also have study rooms where small groups can meet to review their lessons. We have available computers with internet access located in our computer lab. We have a list of many on-line resources, including the GALILEO database, that students can access from home, as well.

Norcross Institute of Allied Health upholds all federal and state laws that preclude discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation or identification, disabilities or veteran’s status.